Ocean HR6 XR High-Resolution Spectrometer

The Equipment

The Ocean HR6 XR High-Resolution Spectrometer is a high sensitivity, high resolution spectrometer that covers the wavelength range from 185 nm to 1100 nm. This piece of equipment is coupled with the SQUARE ONE Cuvette Holder.

Software Needed

  • Ocean View
  • Ocean Direct

How to Use It

  1. Ensure that the spectrometer, cuvette holder, and LDTLS are connected together with the fiver optic cables
  2. Plug the spectrometer and LDTLS into a computer fitted with the software listed above
  3. Open the Ocean View software and nagivate to

For example, if you delete this folder, you can remove the following from your menu configuration:

  name = "Courses"
  url = "courses/"
  weight = 50

Or, if you are creating a software documentation site, you can rename the courses folder to docs and update the associated Courses menu configuration to:

  name = "Docs"
  url = "docs/"
  weight = 50