Bambu Lab X1-Carbon 3D Printer

The Equipment

The Bambu Lab X1-Carbon 3D Printer is a high speed and quality 3D printer that has multi-color and multi-material capabilities

Software Needed

  • Bambu Studio

How to Use It

Setting Up Bambu Studio

  1. Navigate to the link above and download the software
  2. Once the software has downloaded, configure the settings
    • Filament selection ~ “All”
    • Printer selection ~ “Bambu Lab X1 Carbon 0.4mm Nozzle”

Preparing the Print

  1. On the left side of the screen, ensure the printer is “Bambu Lab X1 Carbon 0.4mm Nozzle” and the plate type is “Cool Plate / PLA Plate”
  2. Beneath that, select the filament type that is loaded into the printer (generally “Generic PLA”)
  3. Select “Upload” in the top right corner of Bambu Studio
  4. Upload the desired file
  5. Above the 3D rendering of the plate and desired object, one will see a horizontal menu of icons (the first is a cube with a plus sign)
  6. Select the Auto-arrange button to put the print in the center of the plate (fourth button from the left)
  7. Select the Auto-rotate button to put the object in the ideal orientation (third button from the left)
  8. The object can then be selected and moved around if needed
  9. If supports are needed, read “Adding Supports”
  10. Other modifications to the print can be found in “Modification Settings”

Downloading and Printing

  1. At the top right corner of the page, select “Slice Plate”
  2. Once that has finished, select the arrow next to “Print Plate”
  3. Select “Export Plate Sliced File”
  4. Save the file onto the printer’s SD card
  5. Eject the SD card
  6. Insert the SD card into the printer (bottom right side of the screen)
  7. Looking at the left side of the screen, select the folder icon
  8. At the top of the screen, select the “MicroSD Card tab”
  9. Select desired file and print

Adding Supports

  1. On the left side nagivation, select “Support”
  2. Check the box next to “Enable Support”
  3. Use the drop down menu next to “Type” to select the type of supports desired

Modification Settings

  1. On the left side navigation, the “Quality” and “Strength” tabs can be seen
  2. Using the settings under these tabs, one can further modify the print. The modifications are as follows:
    • Layer Height ~ determines how thick the printed layers are
    • Infill ~ how much material you want inside your print
    • Wall Thickness ~ how thick the print walls are (adds strength)

Notes on Print Bed Adhesion

  • Use glue stick for print bed adhesion
  • If new layer is needed, clean the plate, apply an even layer of glue, let it dry so its not too tacky
  • Note: try to apply glue in same direction